Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are the reasons you raise/move buildings or houses?
A: Raising or moving an existing house is generally cheaper than new construction. Buildings of all kinds are moved because they sit on land that is more valuable without the structure, or because they are in the path of highways, railroads, reservoirs, or urban renewal. In some cases, the intent is to rescue the structure by relocating it to an area where its value may increase. From a builder's point of view, the homeowner may save $5,000 to $10,000 in demolition costs—in addition to other costs—by saving the house. In addition, if the property can be subdivided, moving the house to a new foundation frees up a spare lot to build a new home or help pay down an existing mortgage.

Q: What should I consider when deciding whether or not a move is feasible?
A: Is it physically possible to move the house to the area you are considering? Are there narrow or busy roads, bridges, utility lines, large trees, traffic lights or other obstructions that would physically prohibit the move? Although it is possible to have some of these things temporarily removed, it may not be financially feasible. Some of our customers have had utility companies offer to raise lines for free while others have given bids of $50,000 or more. Remember that the house will be higher once it is on the beams and ready for relocation. You should also check with your local authorities and find out what permits may be required.

Q: How far can a building be moved?
A: This depends on the type of building and where the building is located in the state. In almost all cases, after a permit is obtained the building can be moved with proper supervision and stand-by equipment. When moving an extremely tall building or a building over one story high, utility wires may have to be raised, removed. The roof may have to be cut out, depending on the height of the structure. These factors increase the price of the move.

Costs To Move A House Inside City Of Houston and Extras



Owner expense to move a house in Houston:


Owner Location Expenses: MOVED FROM

Sewer disconnect-Licensed Plumber                             $350 & UP

A/C Disconnet- Licensed  HVAC                                 $150 to $200

Any repair of rotten sills                                                * price per sq foot sill

Remove any trees or fences in the way              * price undetermined


New Location Expenses: MOVED TO

Sand for Building pad (2-3 loads)                                 $200 to $300 or more

Tractor service to level sand                                          $150 to $2000

New blocks & bases for foundation                              $300 to $350 or more

Foundation Permit                                                        250 to $400

Surety Bond $3,500                                                     $160

Water Tap                                                                    $184.05  &   UP

            Short Tap                                                         $800   to $1,000

            Long Tap                                                         $1,000   &   UP

Water availability letter – if needed                                $79

Driveway  permit                                                          $95

Driveway expense for pipe & gravel                              * price per foot pipe

Permit service to draw plans & get permit                     $350   &  UP

Sewer/Plumbing hook-up-Licensed Electrician  $3,000 - $6,000

Electrical hook-up-Licensed Electrician             $3,000 - $6,000

A/C heating hook-up-Licensed   HVAC                       $4,000 - $6,000

Steps & Porches built to code                                       $600 - $1,000 ea.

Planting trees – if required   2 (two)                               $200


If you are located in a flood zone add these extra fees:


Flood Permit                                                                $350

Property Survey                                                           $400 & UP

Topographical Survey                                                   $1500  &  UP

1st  Elevation Certificate                                     $250  &  UP

2nd  Elevation  Certificate                                               $250  &  UP

Extra blocks need for foundation-if needed                    *price is unknown

If foundation requires more than 3 blocks

in height, the plans will need to be

engineered with drawings and engineer seal.                  *price is unknown


If  you are placing the second house on a lot:

Impact fee-Sewer water meter fee                 $1,200 & UP


What To Look For When Buying A Vacant Lot:

1.  Be sure there are no Deed Restrictions to move a house into the neighborhood.  Do all the houses look similar? If so usually means there are specific restrictions for the houses in that area.

2.  Be sure there is available Water & Sewer city services.  Some lots located on dead end streets usually do not have water and sewer available to service the land.

3.  Have A BEST drive a route to see that there is plenty of room down all streets to get a house to your lot.  Usually brick mailboxes, trees, bridges, telephone poles and such get in our way.

 4.  Be sure you stay away from land in a Flood Zone.  Many areas of town are in Flood and you need to double check that the property is not in Flood.  Flood fees are expensive see the front page under Flood Zone Fees.

*Flood costs start at a minimum of $2,100.00 and UP!

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