Full-Service House Leveling & Building Demolition

House Demolition - Building Demolition

With house leveling and building demolition from A Best House Moving in Houston, Texas, you can shape your land to how you need it. We evaluate all possible options—moving, leveling, or demolition—before deciding on a strategy that works best for you.

Complete Moving Services

We move your entire home from one location to another. If you are a long-time occupant and need to move, count on us. After negotiating terms with us, you have the option to move your building wherever you want, or pay to move to any location. You have the freedom to move the structure anywhere you wish—whether it’s to another lot, out of the way for new construction, or simply a few feet over.

Precise Leveling

Never feel like you’re on a hill or feel off-balance when inside your house again. With our raising and leveling package, your home rests on a solid and steady foundation. We add blocks, replace rotting wood, and even use pilings to keep your building safe from flooding. Lowering options are also available, all depending on your foundation’s current condition and your surrounding property’s geology.

Targeted Demolition

Demolition services are available to unusable homes that must be torn down for new construction or to clear space. Save money on taxes and costly renovations on places you no longer occupy or want. While we specialize in residential demolition, commercial property owners may call on our unit. Land clearing and excavation services are also available.

Fully-Equipped, Adaptable Crew

Fees are negotiable and depend on the situation. We have a fleet of 18-wheelers and manufactured trailers that allow us to move homes completely, from one place to another. For land clearing jobs, we use heavy-duty equipment, such as bulldozers, tractors, and more.

Contact us in Houston, Texas, and keep your property safe and habitable with our house leveling solutions.